Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"The Race"

I'm just walking, walking
Onwards in this race.
Nothing to hold me back
Except me and my uncertainty
Of exactly what I'm racing towards.
Where is the finish line and how will I know it?

Softly I receive my answer.
All this time racing towards the same thing,
Of course with stops and diversions along the way.
Always pulled back into the very same race
Sometimes besides familiar faces, other times alone
And yet strangely never alone.

Strength from outside myself
Spurring me onward
When I want to quit.
Drawn like that moth to the flame always discussed
And yet not to death but to life.
Running that race like I'd never run before
Heart beating to an exotic, familiar beat.

Exotic to what I'd known,
Familiar to my heart and its longings.
In the pain living beyond myself
A race no longer about me.
Hope in running this race
About much more than me.

A certain destination
Although the path unfamiliar to me.
Realizing my doubts meant nothing.
Putting one foot in front of the other
Propelling me towards the finish line.
Forgetting about winning
Focusing on racing well in the now.
Until that line is crossed one day
In faith I will run on.

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